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Too many men in the Eurovision Song Contest selections

25 Feb

It’s not possible to describe the situation in Sweden without touching the subject of feminism. Sweden has a very rabid form of radical feminism, and it would require quite an effort to just scratch the surface. I’m definitely planning on returning to this topic in the future. One thing is clear – if you’re associating Sweden with free sex, swedish magazines (porn magazines), Ingmar Bergman and other equivoke things – that was a very long time ago. Sweden has, with help of the swedish feminist movement, become more victorian than liberal when it comes to sex. A book that can shed light on the topic is Oscar Swartz “A brief history of swedish sex”. It mentions Assange in the title, but that part is very short. However, the Assange trial says quite a bit about the overall situation here. It stinks.

Here’s a typical example of swedish feminism in media. This saturday there was a semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Apparantly, this year is a year when the songs performed by male artists have had better success than the contributions sung by the female artists. An outrage, of course! We need quotas!!! Media has published quite a few articles on the subject. “Old, white men’s domination”. Gender power order. Note that the songs are selected by the swedish people, via a telephony voting system.

Now, the interesting thing is that out of the songs representing Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest the last five years – four out of five have been performed by women. “Finally time for a women!” (again). “Sweden is represented by a feminist!” (about Loreen last year). No talk about quotas at all! This year, when there is only one woman in the finals (yet), the irritation is beginning to turn into rage. “Something has to be done!” “Shouldn’t there be 50/50 in the finals?”.

Another thing to note is that one of the performers is a certain Behrang Miri, who made headlines a while ago when he, as an “artistic director” on Kulturhuset (House of culture) in Stockholm, started some kind of of “racist material cleansing”. The Tintin-books were thrown out, something that he explained was the beginning of his “artistic vision”. People, amazingly enough, got pretty upset! But poor Miri has friends high up it seems, since he got prime time on television this saturday with a rap song. Rap is the thing, you know. If you don’t like rap music – you’re a racist.¬†At least that was the general opinion of swedish media at Lucia, when swedish television made the decision to bring a suburb rapper into a delicate, traditional swedish performance. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to show video from the performance since SVT did their best to remove the clip from sites like YouTube. How surprising that the support for the Swedish Democrats reached new heights after that (which always results in an outcry). My God, what do these idiots expect? I mean, really?? Are they for real???