Introducing Tales from Sweden

21 Feb

What happened? What happened to the country where I grew up? Not that it was that idyllic that some people seem to think. We only had two TV channels and the shows for us kids didn’t seldom consist of czech cartoons and that dreadful clown which ruined the wednesdays (after being served the mandatory wednesday fish dish for lunch at school). Growing older I’ve come to realize that this country wasn’t that far from the DDR, and many times I believe it still hasn’t changed much in that aspect.

There’s something rotten in the country of Sweden. There’s a lot of good as well, but I’m thinking of the political situation. The media. The deafening silence at lunch at the workplace. People are afraid to speak, and from what I hear and experience – this is something new. Sweden has always been known for being a country where consensus is important, but what has happened last years is something new. To me it appears as if Sweden is currently in the middle of a pretty dramatic situation. There is a disturbance in the force. New political powers challenging the current rulers, which are fiercely defending themselves. It’s ugly, and it will be a lot worse before it’s over.

My plan is to bring up the typical Swedish media discussions and give you a feel of what the political climate is like here. It’s insane. I feel like I wake up to a new Khafkaesqe episode each day. If you think you know anything about Sweden, you didn’t. It’s time to show the world what it’s really like here.