Islamist appointed to party board of the social democrats

10 Apr


Social democrat Omar Mustafa has been selected as a deputy member of the party board of the social democrats. Mustafa is a muslim islamist who two years ago invited Salah Sultan to speak in Sweden. Salah Sultan is said to have stated that jews ritually murder christians and use their blood in the unleavened bread for the easter celebrations. Omar Mustafa is also the leader of the islamic association in Sweden and seems to have tight connections with foreign radical islamistic and anti-semitic organisations. Party secretary Carin Jämtin says that Mustafa shares the values of the party and is not a problem to the board.

It is important to note that the party board is a much more influential position than just being a member of the parliament. Another islamist in the parliament is Abdirisak Waberi, who has, in swedish television, stated that muslim women are not allowed to dance or listen to music, and that a man can have four wives (which is illegal in sweden). He belongs to “the moderates” (Moderaterna, known as a conservative party, but they have moved quite a bit to the left last years, and is not to consider as a conservative party even by Swedish means) As of the time of writing, Mustafa is still member of the board. This shows that radical islamists have gained influence over swedish politics. One thing is for sure – the Swedish Democrats would never have been able to get away with something like this. It will be interesting to see how this develops further.

Bahareh Andersson: The appointment of Omar Mustafa is a betrayal of the women of sweden 

Norway is continuing to pay attention to the situation in Sweden. The conclusion in this article is that the swedish establisment is desperate now that they’re seriously starting to lose their monopoly of opinion.

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