Proposition for making criticism of feminism illegal

24 Mar
Maria Sveland wants to make criticism against feminism illegal

Maria Sveland wants to make criticism against feminism illegal

The nordic council of ministers have recently issued a report which recommends that criticism against feminism should be illegal in the same way as incitement to ethnic or racial hatred is illegal. One of the experts behind this report is Maria Sveland, presented in a previous post, regarding the infected debate on the journalist convent Gräv 13. An update to that issue is that an audio recording from the entire event has emerged and it clearly indicates that Sveland has dishonest when it comes to her presentation of the story (that is to put it kindly). Neitherless to say, a lot of female journalists (feminists) quickly gave her support, with only her story to back it. Now that the audio recording has emerged Sveland wants “privacy” and went on a weekend in Rome…

Sveland has been known for her stance to “dare to refuse the debate” when it comes to discussing feminism and immigration, arguing that debating these issues will help the opponents. Now we see what “dare to refuse the debate” really means. It doesn’t mean to simply refuse the debate – it actually means making the debate illegal!

One Response to “Proposition for making criticism of feminism illegal”

  1. Dimitris Filippas March 26, 2013 at 2:55 am #

    “What about freedom of speech?” “No, we’re feminists, you can’t talk about us, but we can judge you all we want, because you’re a man and men are icky and egotistical”. Feminists are brilliant people.

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