Accusing all swedes of racism is actually racist

17 Mar

“I feel that almost all swedes are racists.”. “All immigrants want to have a good life and are not afraid to work. Swedes don’t want to understand that”. “Swedes have to change their attitude against immigrants”

This article is a perfect example of racism. Against swedes, and thus perfectly OK to publish.

Peter Wolodarski

And new editor in chief on Dagens Nyheter, Peter Wolodarski, suggests that illegal immigrants should be given the right to vote. What the hell is wrong with this country? To see the right to vote as something that is given without any obligations is bizarre. This is something that even women’s rights advocates usually miss completely. Men have always been required to be ready to die for their country in order to have the right to vote, in many countries you’re actually required to be willing to die for your country before you’re given the right to vote (18 years for military service while you need to be 21 to vote). There is no country in the world where men have been given the right to vote simply because they have a penis.

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