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Proposition for making criticism of feminism illegal

24 Mar
Maria Sveland wants to make criticism against feminism illegal

Maria Sveland wants to make criticism against feminism illegal

The nordic council of ministers have recently issued a report which recommends that criticism against feminism should be illegal in the same way as incitement to ethnic or racial hatred is illegal. One of the experts behind this report is Maria Sveland, presented in a previous post, regarding the infected debate on the journalist convent Gräv 13. An update to that issue is that an audio recording from the entire event has emerged and it clearly indicates that Sveland has dishonest when it comes to her presentation of the story (that is to put it kindly). Neitherless to say, a lot of female journalists (feminists) quickly gave her support, with only her story to back it. Now that the audio recording has emerged Sveland wants “privacy” and went on a weekend in Rome…

Sveland has been known for her stance to “dare to refuse the debate” when it comes to discussing feminism and immigration, arguing that debating these issues will help the opponents. Now we see what “dare to refuse the debate” really means. It doesn’t mean to simply refuse the debate – it actually means making the debate illegal!

Accusing all swedes of racism is actually racist

17 Mar

“I feel that almost all swedes are racists.”. “All immigrants want to have a good life and are not afraid to work. Swedes don’t want to understand that”. “Swedes have to change their attitude against immigrants”

This article is a perfect example of racism. Against swedes, and thus perfectly OK to publish.

Peter Wolodarski

And new editor in chief on Dagens Nyheter, Peter Wolodarski, suggests that illegal immigrants should be given the right to vote. What the hell is wrong with this country? To see the right to vote as something that is given without any obligations is bizarre. This is something that even women’s rights advocates usually miss completely. Men have always been required to be ready to die for their country in order to have the right to vote, in many countries you’re actually required to be willing to die for your country before you’re given the right to vote (18 years for military service while you need to be 21 to vote). There is no country in the world where men have been given the right to vote simply because they have a penis.

Sveland, racist wood-cutting and other important matters

11 Mar

Marie Sveland, the “bitter cunt” in her own words

Robert Aschberg. Gubbslem.

Janne Josefsson. Gubbslem

People out there, there are so many stupid things going on right now that I don’t know where to begin. I simply don’t have time to describe anything in detail.

One thing is an infected dispute between journalist Janne Josefsson and the author Maria Sveland (and a lot of her fans). Maria Sveland is a left-wing feminist who in my opinion has a very twisted view of the world. Anyone who critizes her is labeled a hater and gets associated with Anders Behring Breivik. She portrays herself as a weak and fragile woman but seems to have quite a lot of influence over the debate. She gets prime time in all swedish media to talk about her latest book “The hate”, a book about “anti-feminists”. Anyone that opposes her, even people who call themselves feminists, and in my opinion clearly ARE feminists get that label. A couple of days ago she was participating in a debate on some kind of journalist event (Gräv13) together with Janne Josefsson, Robert Aschberg and Täppas Fogelberg and two ladies (sorry for not mentioning your names, it’s not that you’re worth less because you’re women, but simply since the thing we’re discussing here is the Sveland vs the men issue), where at least Täppas and Robert should be seen to be on her side of the political fence. It ends with her fanclub in the audience chanting “Gubbslem! Gubbslem!” (on the offensive scale compared to something like “male pigs”), and one of them went up on stage, grabbed a microphone and started lecturing the “male pigs” for “diminishing” Sveland for an entire hour!

Sveland has described the event as Janne behaving as a loudmouthed jerk. “Aggressive” is another word. She references the situation to arguments with violent boyfriends! Video has leaked from the event, and it doesn’t show anything that proves her description – quite the contrary. As long as nothing else gets out I’d say Sveland is doing her good old act – playing the fragile female victim against the evil male bullies. It has worked so many times before – I’d say she has build her entire career on it. However, although she has a fan club I sense that she has probably gone too far this time – since critic against Sveland is being raised from inside the feminist camp itself; even among the feminists lefties!

This guy says wood splitting and stacking goes hand in hand with being a racist and women-hater

Another humorous/tragic thing to note is one of them university gender prophets that says that there is a connection between wood-splitting, racism and anti-feminism. It has too many connections to the old nordic traditions and cutting and stacking firewood is Sweden still typically a male occupation. We know the story – everything men like to do that is a contribution to society or/and his family is a bad thing and has to be stopped. Men feeling good and proud of themselves for being a man, that would be terrible! No wonder there is so much lobbying for more female firefighters, although there appears to be serious problems with this agenda, since the popular demand for female firefighters leads to lowering the requirements. People will actually die (or have already died) because of the swedish demands for so called gender equality (gender equality doesn’t mean that both sexes have the same rights – it means both sexes are represented by equal numbers in all situations. Except in those where women have an advantage, of course.)

 As always – sorry for mainly linking to “racist” and “hate”-sites. It’s just that I won’t do anything to support Swedish mainstream media anymore. Some good news though, Dagens Nyheter, Swedens biggest daily newspaper, is laying off 20% of their workforce. Mein gott, die Schadenfreude…

Journalist “renounces” Sweden and his title, moves to Iraq

3 Mar

Nima Dervish, until recently journalist

“Swedish” journalist Nima Dervish, immigrated from Iran to Sweden where he has lived for 26 years, has given up on this country. I can understand him.

I’ve noticed Nima, since he is both immigrant and has critized islamism as well as the Swedish Democrats. In a blog post, where he notes that the only ones that appear to be interested in the news that a “hate-speech” islamist is going to speak in the Imam Ali mosque (for the third time) are Avpixlat, a website with strong connections to the Swedish Democrats. Mainstream media completely ignores this kind of news, they’re instead busy with discussing the Internet-haters, which seems to be anyone who criticizes journalists or says that large immigration can cause problems (hate speech indeed, huh?! but that’s another story). He writes:

“I’m realizing with all the abundant clarity that I’m wasting energy and time. I’m ignoring this now and renounce my title as journalist. Sweden is not a country to be journalist in. (Since 2009-10 i’ve felt that I haven’t been able to write as openly as I’ve wanted to).

I’m also renouncing Sweden. I came to Sweden on februari the 7th, 1987, så it was 26 years anniversary recently. Thanks for those years, but now it’s time to finish that epoque.

I don’t want to be countryman with a population whose majority (or minority big enough) are cowards and simply don’t understand their best. I don’t want to live in a country whose politicians, media and organizations I’ve increasingly begun to feel an involuntary contempt for.

Oh, btw, 100 bucks that SD will have a landslide victory in 2014. When that happens, it’s not because of the wisdom or competence of the party leadership, but because of the incompetense of the politicians, media, cultural relativists, the lefties, the selective-feminists and “anti-rasists”. Their incompetence lead them to deliver the ball to SD:s court on a silver plate, and it also let SD dominate certain topics.”

It’s totally spot on. Reading through the comments on his post I feel like home. I find so many people who, like me, seem to be stuck in a limbo between the politically correct and the Swedish Democrats. There’s nowhere that I belong. There’s nothing left to do but wait for these two groups to “work it out”. The voices of sanity are silent – noone wants to listen to them. It’s no use. It’s not worth it. However, I’m not in a position that I can leave this country easily. I’m stuck here, in an insanity which appears to grow bigger for each day.

Where Nima is moving? Oh, he’s going to live in the Kurdish region of  Iran Iraq, if that doesn’t work he will go to the US. That says quite a lot about the situation here. I bet most swedes think Iraq sounds like a horrible place. Despite all talk about nationalism being a bad thing most swedes believe they’re living in the best country in the world. They believe Sweden is a country without corruption, a country where everyone gets a fair trial, and a country with extreme tolerance. The country which doesn’t even have a culture, now that truly makes Sweden superior. How’s that for nationalism? In some cases they’re right, Sweden is still a good country to live in, but it’s changing to the worse rapidly and Swedes are extremely gullible. It’s terrifying to see how far this indoctrination has gone and to think of how far it will have to go before they react. It’s depressing that the only people who dare to bring up problems with islamists who come here to advocate death penalty for homosexuals are people who, in my view, seem to have some fanatic tendences in other areas, but that’s the way it is around here.

Nima, you will be missed, but I completely understand you. Best wishes from all my heart.