A bit of background

22 Feb

Ah, there is so much I could tell you I don’t know where to begin. You should have been given some background but it would require a whole book. A starter might be Mikael Jalving’s book “Absolute Sweden” and by simply bringing that one up I’ve become one of the accursed. You see in Sweden there is a pretty line which divides the population in the good and the evil ones. Sweden has a reputation of being a country that holds freedom of speech very high, and it’s true in one sense – you don’t get into jail for blasphemy f.ex. but the social stigma is enormous. There are topics you’re not allowed to question here, if you do so you might end up in deep trouble.

1. Immigration
This is by far the most dangerous topic today. You WILL get into trouble by participating in the immigration debate as a public figure. You might lose your job, in the worst case you will actually be exposed to physical violence. Political persecution. Fredrik Reinfeldt, our prime minister, has made some remarkable statements himself about the Swedish Democrats (=those whose name must not be mentioned!) – that the members of this party more or less deserve what they get if they become victims of physical violence. I repeat: this is something that is coming from the prime minister! It pretty much sums up the general view of the establishment. Swedish Democrats are described as racists and nazis in media (yes, there are probably a bunch of racists in that party, but there are racists in the other parties as well. More on that later).

Now that it’s up: this blog has no connection to the Swedish Democrats, nor any other party whatsoever. I don’t believe in party politics. However, I confess that I feel sympathy for SD (the Swedish Democrats), by the way they’re treated. It’s inhumane.

2. Feminism
This is another very dangerous subject, but not by far as dangerous as immigration. However, if you have a certain position in the public sector you may very well lose your job if you criticize feminism in public. It’s definitely not good for you career to do so.

3. HBT
Homo, gay, transsexuals, bisexuals (now that I think of it bisexuals are not as high in rank as homo. Homo trumfs bi!). These are very dangerous grounds.

3. Global warming
You should NOT criticize global warming. Only racists and women haters do that.

4. Abortion
Those who dare to say anything about the abortion laws, or ideas such as Sweden allowing women from abroad to come here for subsidized abortions, are all women haters, racists, anti-global-warming, etc…


No, wait… Let’s stop. This list can go on forever. I recommend listening to this interview with Mikael Jalving  to form your own opinion. Jalving, to me, doesn’t sound like a racist. However, he made a terrible mistake. He happened to speak at the same convention as members of the Swedish Democrats. That’s bad. That’s very very bad. He is immediately sorted into “of those you shall not speak”.

This is what the debate looks like here. You don’t debate with arguments – the argumentation is about who is good and who is evil. If a sane person is seen to talk with one of the evil guys – he’s evil too. No matter how sensible you are, you’re so easily labeled as evil. Unless of course you happen to be a member of the immune groups – immigrants, women, gay, transsexual, environmental activist etc. And when you’re evil you’re evil. You’re out! It doesn’t matter what you say anymore. All that you said before doesn’t matter. You deserve the persecution. The ridicule. Persona non grata.

A prime example of swedish media

Let’s take an example, a HOT topic today! Now THIS is the essence of the discussion among journalists. This is THE interesting debate! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

A lecturer in Dalarna gets a mail from a student, Mehran Mahmoudi, where the student explains that he’s been accepted to the lecturer’s course, and wonders if he can get information as to where to log in on the Intranet for the course. The lecturer thinks he forwards the question to his assistant, but by a mistake – the student gets it as a reply. The reply (which was for the assistant) says:

“Can you help Mohammed? He is probably coming straight from Mecca.”

The student posts the conversation on Facebook and soon it reaches media, where there is much rejoicing where journalists once again get the chance to compete over who is  most offended (on behalf of the student), and as to who can condemn this terrible racist nazi lecturer the most. The lecturer also happens to be a local politician – not for the Swedish Democrats, thank God, or journalists would have begun commiting suicide just for the sake of living in the same country as someone so evil!

It wasn’t nice, but for goodness sake, where are the proportions? The lecturer is now suspended from his job while an investigation is conducted, although he immediately apologized when the student mailed back and asked him about it.

Now that’s what I call Sweden!

Read more about the story on Flashback. I try avoiding linking to swedish media – if you’re interested in the story you’ll find lots of links in the Flashback thread. Flashback is in itself another topic, but hey, that’s another day. Think of it as a swedish version of 4chan.

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